Senior Technologist Analytics

17 september 2021 Avantium

For our Renewable Chemistry business, we are looking for a Senior Technologist Analytics who will report to the Pilot Plant Manager (line management) and the Team Leader of Application Development and Analytics (functionally). This position covers a broad spectrum...

... ranging from method development to closing the mass balance (unknown determination), and from equipment troubleshooting, configuration re-design to lab management, combined with strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.


We are looking for an enthusiastic colleague with the following skillset:

  • Taking ownership of the analytical challenges
  • From hands-on troubleshooting on equipment to sample preparation
  • Processing large sample sets, performing under time pressure
  • Making the analytical connection with the project chemistry
  • Data interpretation, peak identification and calibration
  • Proactive communication with your colleagues, project and team leaders, including planning, guarding timelines and reporting
  • It is expected from this function to be part of the “analyst-on-duty” team to respond to eventual analytical chemistry emergencies that might arise from the standard operations of the Pilot Plant


The Senior Technologist Analytics has hands-on experience with analytical chemistry from the chemical industry including adapting and configuring the analytics units, and is interested in learning how to develop new methods and strategies.

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